Why Donald Trump's 'Purple Heart' Is Absolutely Insulting To Veterans



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Will Fisher......I'm so very

Will Fisher......I'm so very sorry for the losses you have seen while you were fighting to protect this country. I saw the rally you talk about but I feel you need to step back .... that was an extremely sudden happening in Mr. Trump's life and his comments were - as usual - not clear enough. When he said it was easier you should have know that he certainly meant easier than what you and others went through. You won"t find anyone anywhere in our government right now who will do all they can do to help other than Donald Trump. Please back that down......it would have been better if you would have called him and I will attempt to get through to him in his camp's email for him to see this. God Bless you and all the soldiers and VETS who have given all to protect this country God Bless America

Suzette Pulvirenti 257 days ago

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