What the Dems Missed at the Debate in Milwaukee



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I hate to see Bernie blow it

I hate to see Bernie blow it by ommission. Not knowing state and local issues looks bad. And Flint, which is relatively close and a national disgraceful tragedy, could still be discussed in SC to break Hillary's lock on the Black vote there.

SFOMARCO more than 1 year ago

The suggestion that a "trade

The suggestion that a "trade deal savaged Milwaukee" is as inaccurate as it is dishonest. In 1960, manufacturing jobs represented almost 60% of Milwaukee's jobs. By 1970 -- long before NAFTA -- only 36% were manufacturing jobs. So, be honest. Admit that the job losses were not due to NAFTA but to factors in place long before NAFTA, or at least to many other factors. You lose, rightfully, any credibility, when you lie about facts to support an argument which may be partially true. Ruth Conniff's recent Chris Hayes' show repeating this false claim undermines the possibility that there is partial truth, only partial, to this claim.

Keith Clifford more than 1 year ago

Neither candidate mentioned

Neither candidate mentioned labor (although I think Hillary mentioned the word "union") and this in a state where the governor has destroyed whatever power unions once had. This continues business as usual---where was President Obama when Walker was challenging unions....and Obama nominally a supporter of unions who ran with union support. He didn't mention the obscenity of what Walker was doing. He didn't show up. He didn't even send his Secretary of Labor to show his support. This is truly disgusting. And people wonder why working people are furious.

Allen Levy more than 1 year ago

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