Defending Israel’s Attacks on Civilians—A Harbinger for Clinton’s Presidency?



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I hope you sent this info o

I hope you sent this info o Jimmy Panetta!

Rev herb schmidt 332 days ago

There should be more

There should be more attention to the Dihaya doctrine. Israel's military has access to highly accurate weaponry. That such an army would kill so many civilians seems to make no sense- until you learn that the Israeli army has a long-established operational doctrine that calls for the mass murder of civilians to discourage resistance.

The killing of these civilians by the thousand is not a mistake, nor is it collateral damage, nor is it a response to Hamas missiles. It's a deliberate, calculated policy to frighten the Palestinian population to submission, not just to the point of ending resistance, but to the point of leaving. It's a policy designed to empty Gaza by fear.

That is to say, the state of Israel is engaged in an open, public policy of state terrorism.

So obviously they deserve our support.

Duglarri 332 days ago

Hillary Clinton's chances of

Hillary Clinton's chances of succeeding Barrack Obama as POTUS are slim to none. Her popularity has taken a big hit, as young people have been supporting rival Bernie Sanders, who already hinted at running as an Independent if he loses the Democrat nomination to Hillary .. and his supporters have already stated they'd never vote for Hillary in November.
On the GOP side, Donald J. Trump has about nailed the nomination (he has more than enough delegates already). His popularity has risen exponentially and continues to do so. A majority of Americans support his stance on deportations of illegal aliens and building a wall to keep them out, as well as closing of the majority of US bases overseas and bringing the troops home - mainly, to guard the border with Mexico.
Also hindering Hillary's chances is the FBI Report on her (and aides' use of a private, unsecured server for govt business). All that's needed is an indictment for the charges listed in that report, to derail Hillary's chances.

Eileen K. 333 days ago

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