Debunking Ben Carson: We Weren't Better Educated in the 1830s



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I played the video and maybe

I played the video and maybe this fool should have been a comedian. I do agree with him that Political Correctness has, to some degree, stifled free speech in this country but to suggest that people in the 19-century were better educated than today is absolutely ridiculous. He talks about education and religion in the same breath and doesn’t realize that the more educated you are the less likely you’re religious. To think that a brain surgeon actually believes that there are invisible people living in the sky that have magical powers tells me that he is a moron. This also tells you what type of president he would have been and what he would have done if he was confronted with an important decision. Instead of using his education he would have picked up his bible and prayed for the answer. We already elected a fool like this with George W Bush and look at the results.

Elmore 146 days ago

I took a few of these tests

I took a few of these tests and passed with two A`s and a B. What does this prove? I have a good memory and the ability to think a little. Otherwise, not a thing.

Angie Brooke 207 days ago

With the exception of the

With the exception of the last, none of those questions are really academically distinguishable from questions like "What color are Li'l Abner's underpants?" or "Which direction would you face if you sat at the president's desk in the Oval Office?" The question about trade centers could have actually tested a bit of comprehension if it had been along the lines of "Why are the locations good as trade centers?"

doug more than 1 year ago

A good read. I just got my

A good read. I just got my copies of all text's in the mail and look forward to discussing it with friends. One criticism of the article however. To say that Ben Carson is asserting that we go back to "the good ol days" feels a bit like a push. Subjugating the topic of education for a broader opinion is subjective reporting not objective.

Your friendly neighborhood independent

Matt Muir more than 1 year ago

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