Debt Casts a Shadow on Graduation



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"Bail out the graduates" ??

"Bail out the graduates" ?? And who exactly do you expect to do this? Will you give 20% of your salary? why should I(meaning the federal gov't by proxy) bail out some unemployable idiot with a degree in women's studies? Not everybody is college material and I can assure you the ghettos are not full of smart people. You only say that if you have never been there.

bubbles more than 2 years ago

It's evident that you have

It's evident that you have never been in the ghetto; because there are a lot of smart and talented people there. It's clear to me that you have brought into the lies of this racist/white supremacist country. However, get a clue; the super rich cares nothing about the poor working white folks either, you're all slaves to the rich, elite, white supremacist of the world and nation; and it's these same whom have destroyed everything they have touched. It's those like yourself that have been brain washed, and have failed for the lies of the great puppet masters, that contribute to the demise of this country, the world and humanity. The soulless ones.

allknowing more than 2 years ago

AHH, The race to the top, The

AHH, The race to the top, The top of the debt heap. It's sad with all the money our politicians spend on war (not the veterans) and aid to other country's an d Tax breaks for big corporations . That we can't give a free education to people that can better our country by getting a good education. The ghettos are full of people that are smart and that with a good education can bring their family's out of poverty and better this country.

Lola more than 2 years ago

Bail out the graduates. They

Bail out the graduates. They deserve it more than the banks that got billions.

Robert Anderson more than 2 years ago

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