In Debate, Hillary and Bernie Define Two Poles



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I feel a bit silly

I feel a bit silly disagreeing with an 8 year old, but you brought his comment in to the article. Why are only "Blacks dying"? Yes, blacks get shot, but so do poor military uniforms in far off lands fighting for corporate interests. Whites die, along with blacks and browns and tans because they can't get decent health care, because of poor diet, because of lousy environment and sanitation..also black lives are ended by other blacks in senseless gang warfare and criminal activity.. Yes, Black Lives DO Matter...I teach in a medium security prison in Wisconsin and it's filled with black lives that we try to save from a life of ignorance and poverty, and crime by helping them with their education and vocational training...because our educational system has failed, because our society has failed them, their families have failed them and they have failed.themselves..but are now trying to turn things around. BUT..there are plenty of white, brown and tan lives in that institution, too, that need, I would appreciate it if people would recognize that ALL LIVES MATTER...and we need to do something about the waste of it in all its colors.

Bill Hansen more than 1 year ago

The Revolution is here!

The Revolution is here!

As Howard Fineman and other commentators on MSNBC said after the debate, Hillary won the establishment and Bernie won the people. People are finally recognizing that establishment politics cannot be changed with an establishment candidates, and that a grass roots revolution in voting is necessary to make changes. This is even recognized by the Clinton campaign in her flip flops to the left on many issues. She's still a warhawk funded by Wall Street and influenced by the neocons, and voters are on to it. The nurses union has set the trend, opting for Sanders over putting a woman in the White House. It won't be long before blacks and Hispanics realize what side their bread is buttered.

Elwood Anderson more than 1 year ago

The two poles: Ttweedledum

The two poles: Ttweedledum and Tweedledee

thom more than 1 year ago

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