What's the Deal With Sanders' Media Coverage?



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The greatest benefit the

The greatest benefit the Clinton campaign has had the entire election, from day one (and long before) until now, is the inevitability campaign. The mainstream media has never taken the Sanders campaign seriously. The corporate owned media is terrified of Sanders, because he realizes our corrupt corporations control and have destroyed our economy, and control the message about "elections" and also spend and buy elections. Sanders from day 1 has been about winning- it was never a protest campaign. Whether it is not covering his rallies, or his wins, or saying things like he can't win with minorities, or always counting the pre-pledged non-democratic "superdelegates" who will end up supporting the candidate with the most votes, just as they did Obama, the monied interests and corporations, including the mainstream media, will do everything in their power to discredit the Sanders campaign. In the meantime, Clinton keeps fundraising from wealthy corporate interests, while Sanders gets the small contributions that the mainstream media does not want to report on.

dave more than 1 year ago

The media choose which

The media choose which candidates and which issues to promote. This time they've settled for Hillary. Be grateful that the issues the media choose are usually progressive ones.

a long-time reader more than 1 year ago

Notice how the MSNBC

Notice how the MSNBC reporter spun Bernie's comments about the south to suggest he thinks the south is not important. Typical corporate media Orwellian tactic.

Fred more than 1 year ago

What about the coverage of

What about the coverage of Jill Stein, running in the Green Party presidential primary?

A Milholland more than 1 year ago

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