Dalton Trumbo, the Screenwriter Who Broke Hollywood’s Blacklist



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Trumbo -

Trumbo -
Mr Kirk Douglas had a great Hollywood career, but he may feel just a little guilty for not standing up against HUAC in the beginning as Trumbo did and gives more credit to Trumbo than is due. Truth be told, Trumbo was no hero, he was an attention getting individual and admitted that, had he known that he was going to serve time in jail, he would have not taken such a hard line against the HUAC.

FYI - Trumbo was not in Italy during the shooting of Roman Holiday as was screenwriter Ian Hunter, who wrote script with Director Billy Wyler day by day and nights before shooting the film as was Wyler’s film making MO.

Also, Dalton Trumbo lied about being the original author of the Oscar winning screenplay that was made into the 1956 film, “The Brave One”.

My father, Juan Duval, poet, dancer, choreographer, composer and director of stage and film, wrote the original screenplay and presented it to a shareholder in the King Bros production company, who then gave it to Morrie (one of three brothers). My father died before film production began.
Trumbo re-wrote the screenplay and removed 55 pages from the original screenplay, some of which, was about the Catholic ritual of blessing the bulls before a bull fight.
If you read and compare the first screenplay and Trumbo’s book, “Additional Dialogue”, Letters of Dalton Trumbo, 1942-1962 and compare the redacted letters in the book to the un-redacted letters archived at the University of Wisconsin Library, it’s apparent that Trumbo didn’t write the original screenplay, otherwise, why would he complain to the King Bros about the subject matter of the original screenplay.
My father was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1897, he matriculated to the Monastery at Monserrat and moved to Paris in 1913, where he was renown as a classic Spanish dancer and the Apache. In 1915, he was conscripted into the French Army and fought in Tunis and then at Verdun, where he was partially gassed and suffered head wounds. He joined the US Army after WWI and was stationed in occupied Germany for 2 years and then immigrated to the US and set-up a Flamenco dance studio in Hollywood, CA. My father worked in film and stage productions, and choreographed at least one sword fight with Rudolf Valentino and made movies in Mexico and Cuba.
In 1935, my father directed the biggest grossing Spanish speaking movie up to that time and starring Movita (Marlon Brandon's second wife). My father's best friend was Federico Garcia Lorca and he tried to talk Lorca out of re-entering Spain in July 1936. In 1937, my father published a series of articles about the presence of Nazis in the Canary Islands and in one of the articles, he named who murdered Lorca and why.

Mizi Trumbo refused to talk to me about the screenplay.

Before former Director of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, Bruce Davis retired, he told me that he was inclined to believe that my father wrote the original screenplay.

I request that the Academy recognize my father’s work and issue him a companion Oscar for the movie, “The Brave One.

John Duval more than 1 year ago

Teriffic, thoughtful,

Teriffic, thoughtful, enlightening post John.

Clint more than 1 year ago

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