Who Created ISIS?



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That is the biggest stretch I

Get Real. Put the Blame where it belongs. That is the biggest stretch I have ever seen as far as who is to blame for ISIS. The press has a bad habit of blaming everyone and everything but the perpetrator. A killer in Charlestons says he is tired of blacks raping whites which clearly does happen, but a flag is blamed. Now growing a garden is blamed for ISIS. White washing and diverting from real issues is not getting real.

....The Koran and its mandates are to blame for ISIS. If you have read Chapter/Surah 9 of the Koran, you understand most of what you need to know about jihad which is mandated for all muslims in the Koran. The illiterate and con man who got a bunch of caravan raiders to go on a spree of killing 1400 years ago is to blame for inspiration to all the male supremacists who have ever existed. Mohamd's slave trading and sex business were too lucrative to stop, and have also been going on for 1400 years (more people are now enslaved than during the 17th & 18th centuries). Islamic reformers say young men are joining ISIS for the sex, but we all know rape is about power and control over another.

...By all clinical descriptors Mohamd was a narcissist (he declared himself a prophet and the "perfect man" to emulate), a pathological liar (there was no connection to Abraham, revelations from Gabriel, nor imaginary friend Allah) and a psychopath, especially a psychopath. All the ways that unbelievers, especially Christians since ISIS has gone thru the Jews & Yzidis, are being murdered are ways Mohamd either killed or had people killed; his psychopathic clones are doing Moahmad's mandates to the letter. That there is any peace or tolerance is the biggest hoax in human history because Moahmd himself canceled out his peace verses and replaced them with the psychopathic mandates we see ISIS doing to the verse and letter.

...Put the blame where it belongs: the Psychopath Mohamd and his deadly Koran created ISIS.

Ann Inquirer more than 1 year ago

Talk about the shallow end of

Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool! There are two "solutions"; 1. Blame BO 2. Get a gun and start shooting.

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

The focus needs to be on how

The focus needs to be on how do we deal with this situation rather than who created it.

David Moore more than 1 year ago

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