Court Expands Corporate Personhood in Hobby Lobby Case



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As sunrise came the other

As sunrise came the other morning, I awoke feeling angry. At the end of June a decision of the United States Supreme Court, BURWELL, SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, ET AL. v. HOBBY LOBBY STORES, INC., ET AL., seemed to be the cause of that angry feeling. It was not only the majority opinion, but also the dissenting opinion that angered me.

One can read the good reasons of these justices and argue with their rationalizations, but that quagmire is theirs. A tomato will still be a fruit even when served in a lettuce salad.

The real reason for this decision is patriarchy. It is the reason that women are not allowed to be trusted with their own bodies. It is the reason that the expression Trust Women is so rarely spoken or heard. Women must be heard and must become a foundation stone of our social order for it to achieve its objectives of equality and democracy.

Liberty, Equality, and Solidarity

Scott ffolliott more than 2 years ago

the take away is VOTE... and

the take away is VOTE... and don't spend $$$ at Hobby Lobby.... !

Stanley Yelnats more than 2 years ago

Why are the religious rights

Why are the religious rights of a few more important than the human rights of thousands? Their rights to proper health care? A corporation is not a person! This is so absurd, and needs to be changed. This assumption benefits corporations at the expense of taxpayers, employees, all of us in any role. We do enough to prop up corporate profits - they give nothing back! Only funnel profits to huge salaries at the top, gains to shareholders then cut jobs, cut benefits, pay little or no taxes back. Now we have a politicized Supreme Court- I thought I'd never see- which blatantly works with the right wing. BOYCOTT Hobby Lobby and the other companies in this lawsuit, then all corporations which (not who) pay no taxes!

Karen Selvaggi Williams more than 2 years ago

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