Clinton’s VP Trial Balloon: Can She Really Be This Full of Air?



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Obviously, her overlords have

Obviously, her overlords have let her know she's gotta pass the TPP, and of course they're the ones who pay her campaign bills.

Public Takeover 348 days ago

Hillary is history, they just

Hillary is history, they just don't know it yet. Bernie is going to beat the crap out of Trump. HRC will not get the progressive votes. Kaine just confirms that she could give a crap about Progressives. She is GOP lite and makes me sick.

Risandy 349 days ago

Corporate Democratic

Corporate Democratic prostitute. Yes, for a mere $225,000 you can buy a good time with Hillary.

Pony Boy 351 days ago

You are dumb

You are dumb

Bob 351 days ago

It is terrifying these

It is terrifying these corporate hacks may put the Presidency straight into the hands of a genuine oligarch. Well, at least it cuts out the middle man.

RJD 352 days ago

Polls show Hillary dead even

Polls show Hillary dead even or losing to Trump. Meanwhile, polls show Bernie beating Trump by double digits:
• Fox News: Sanders leads Trump by 14 points
• Bloomberg: Sanders leads Trump by 24 points
• Quinnipiac University: Sanders leads Trump by 14 points
• CBS/The New York Times: Sanders leads Trump by 15 points
• CNN/ORC: Sanders leads Trump by 20 points
• NBC News/The Wall Street Journal: Sanders leads Trump by 18 points
For the good of the country, Clinton supporters should ask her to step aside.

paul glover 352 days ago

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