Charlie Hebdo Killings Should Not Make Us Rush to Judgment



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Actually I don't think there

Actually I don't think there's been any rush. We've had a lot of years and a monotonous barrage of violent, misogynist, homophobic, intolerant demonstrations of what distinguishes Islam today. They're hardly isolated events, as the shrieking crowds waving "Kill those who insult Islam" signs and the regular death fatwas from Islam's learned Imams make clear. I think we've accumulated plenty of evidence to make a few judgments.

Tim N more than 2 years ago

All wrong, knowing how

All wrong, knowing how sensitive the times are regarding religion,for and against..why would they choose to caricature the prophet of Islam. Especially in light of the Benghazi incident, which was precipitated by cartooning the Islamic prophet. They had to know, and being Jewish simply means to me they had a death wish. And now they have done and done it again!. Something wicked this way comes... more than 2 years ago

Yes, I agree. They should

Yes, I agree. They should have known that they would be gunned down by fanatics for drawing a cartoon.

nick more than 2 years ago

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