Candidate Forum Noteworthy for Glaring Holes and Gross Inequality



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bias..framing questions etc.

bias..framing questions etc..the media has spent more time on Donald trump than any other candidate...bias..the only one that held Donnie biy to the fire was the MSNBC morning show (go figure!} why watch any debates etc when they refuse FACT check immediately..which they can do..but refuse..more bias

ron dernick 229 days ago

The Clinton email scandal is

The Clinton email scandal is not a minor crime. Concealing and then destroying public-record emails under subpoena is a major offense. So is her negligent handling of classified materials. It doesn't serve progressives well to make excuses for it. Trump is also an abomination. And have we forgotten how the party sabotaged Bernie? The two main candidates are unworthy and progressives can stand on principle and support Jill Stein.

a principled voter 229 days ago

LOVE the video snips---

LOVE the video snips--- especially the juxtaposition of Lauer's treatment of Clinton v Trump. You can see IT from a mile away when they're side-by-side.

Jenny 231 days ago

If NBC doesn't get rid of

If NBC doesn't get rid of Matt Lauer people should not only stopping watching the network but stop purchasing the products it's advertisers make.............

Duane L. Cole 232 days ago

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