Why the Buffer Zone Decision Is Wrong



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I wonder what would happen to

I wonder what would happen to the 35 feet ruling if those who are opposed to the NRA would picket in front of their gun shows and sales RIGHT AT THE FRONT DOORS. I wonder if SCOTUS would have anything to say about that given this ruling. Would they be able to reimpose it or would it be a "narrow ruling"?

NBWolfe more than 2 years ago

The women on the Court must

The women on the Court must have no experience visiting a women's clinic. If they had, there would at the very least, been strong dissents. It's an almost incomprehensible decision and so extremely out of touch with reality.

Ann Crump more than 2 years ago

In my view, the Supreme Court

In my view, the Supreme Court just doesn't have a realistic view of what is going on in the real world. This isn't a case where it's a matter of preserving free speech. As is known to everyone, even with free speech, no one can shout "FIRE!" in a crowded theater. I think that it's equally obvious that no one can use the guise of free speech to physically prevent access to a clinic or to intimidate people trying to go to the clinic to the point where they fear that their lives are in danger.

Furthermore, what will now happen at clinics is that the police will setup an ad hoc zone that prevents protesters from physically blocking the entrances. (35 feet perhaps?) The police will not want to form a flying wedge to get every patron through the crowd and into clinics.

The pro-lifers are now laughing up a storm on putting one over on the Supreme Court.

Steve Cross more than 2 years ago

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