#BoycottIndiana Turns Up the Heat



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You agree with the state that

You agree with the state that you will try to reasonably serve all customers when open your business. Sure you don't have serve overly rude or aggressive customers. What if I had sign that said I don't serve Christians on the front of the store? People would be in a up rage over it. If the owners don't want to host gay weddings they can just tell them sorry but they can't do it. I like money and will support anyone who supports my business.

Shamus more than 2 years ago

I would suggest that those

I would suggest that those 'people' (businesses) be allowed to serve whoever they wish. If, they post the following on their front door: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO NOT SERVE LGBT PERSONS. In this way those of us who are harmed by unknowingly supporting bigots, can protect our freedom of choice.

Carmen Sarotte more than 2 years ago

"...including florists and

"...including florists and pizzeria owners who told reporters they wouldn’t provide services for gay weddings, wanted to use the law to declare their right to snub gay people." So they said they didn't want to cater a gay wedding- so what? They didn't refuse to serve gay people or express anything violent, they just didn't want to be part of gay weddings. There are plenty of others who will. By the way- any comments on the threats of violence against Memories Pizza? Where's your sanctimonious "McCarthyism Watch" now?

Tim N more than 2 years ago

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