Boo! Ayn Rand's Ghoulish Interview from 1959



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Rand is spot on. She

Rand is spot on. She recognises that welfare states are a modern form of slavery and that they contradict the founders position that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is no right to loot the property of our fellow citizens. Ryan has rejected Rand's philosophy and he is simply a standard Thomistic religious conservative who believes in welfare slavery.

MalcolmS more than 1 year ago

Couldn't get past the first

Couldn't get past the first sentence. Does the name Alan Greenspan ring a bell? Jeeeez...

uncoutlaw more than 1 year ago

Your headlines of "immoral to

Your headlines of "immoral to care about anyone other than yourself" and "Some people count, some people don't." are not representative at all of Rand or objectivism.

caleb more than 1 year ago

Wallace blew it. He sucked

Wallace blew it. He sucked into religious side debate about theology which is largely irrelevant to a political (secular) ideology. The lady steps all over the central concept of a social contract. He should have come back asked why thieves and rapists should not indulge themselves with the sacredness of self satisfaction, why workers should not hold their employers hostage in their offices, or poor people should not squat in the manors of the rich. Why should pedophiles not indulge their idea of the ideal childhood. Why those not included in the will should not take all they want anyhow. How can self gain ever be restrained which is not a question, just a restraint of belief. What fool would ever fight for their country without getting more out of it than the next guy? Why shouldn't war lords and not government run the legal system? Why should there armed gangs rather than police who divide up property? Surely Somalia the highest and most moral country on the planet. Why should I hold back anything these self promoting people controlling power centers want to hoard only for themselves as they smugly claim the moral superiority to do so? Why accept a social contract where everything is stacked against nearly all and support the unlimited benefit of the vanishing few at the top of criminal empires and all other empires that are indistinguishable in kind? You know like the American corporate and the American Injustice system, especially a political system for sale and anti-constitutional binding arbitration for the masses with a day in real court only for the elite few? The beast does creep ever closer, doesn't it?

RJD more than 1 year ago

The main difference between

The main difference between Ayn Rand and Adolf Hitler is that Hitler ruled over a country, whereas Rand only ruled over a cult.

Rohan more than 1 year ago

Ayn Rand was brilliant in her

** Ayn Rand was brilliant. **

In her 1959 interview with Mike Wallace, she calmly responded to all his questions, accusations and implications, getting to the essence of every issue. Let people watch that interview and decide for themselves.

Of course, if someone believes that mysticism - not reason - is the way to knowledge; that self-sacrifice - not egoism - is the way to happiness; and that collectivism - not a free society - is the proper social system, then he will do what you have done: condemn Ayn Rand without even bothering to understand her reality-based philosophy. If anything, *that* behavior is ghoulish, not any of Ayn Rand´s interviews.

omingod more than 1 year ago

You know what confirms Ayn

You know what confirms Ayn Rand's greatness? ... articles like this, which have to make false conjectures about her work and philosophy to get people who have never read her work to prejudge and ensuring they never actually read it ... because most Americans would agree with here ideas.

"The book, along with other Rand works, promotes Rand's unabashed philosophy that greed and selfishness are not only good, but that it is immoral to care about anyone other than yourself." .... not greed, ambition there is a difference and she stresses the importance of ethics and integrity, more than that she makes the point that it is immoral to be forced, obligated, or coerced into putting the wants and needs of other before yourself.

secondly "tax policy should help society's "makers" (big corporations and the rich), not the "takers" (children, the elderly, and the poor.)" ... "makers" are people who deal with other as traders, they exchange value for value, anyone from a CEO to the janitor, its had nothing to do with your station but you philosophy and work ethic. In Atlas Shrugged, Galt's Glutch had bankers, actors, musicians, day labors all treated equally and with respect. The owner of a billion dollar mining company was working as steel furnace operator. "takers" and those to who feel they are entitled to another's wealth in exchange for nothing like politicians and those capable of creating value but choose to live off the government.

Mark-Anthony Canty more than 1 year ago

Some animals are more equal

Some animals are more equal than others.....

George Orwell more than 1 year ago

You misrepresent Rand's ideas

You misrepresent Rand's ideas. And Paul Ryan may have read Rand, but he is not an Objectivist by any means and probably doesn't really understand her philosophy.

Jack CRAWFORD more than 1 year ago

Holy C**p, Batman!! Yes,

Holy C**p, Batman!! Yes, this is really scary. As thought all people can generate so much wealth to be individually any of Ryan's elder relatives use social security? Should we just leave disabled folks to die on the roadside? Both videos should be shown and discussed in high school civics classes.

Lance Green more than 1 year ago

Well, maybe the idea of

Well, maybe the idea of scrapping food stamps and other programs from the government if we had an economic system that wasn't rigged to make a few super-rich Ayn Rand devotees, and sending jobs overseas, while leaving the majority of Americans in poverty.

John M. Riley more than 1 year ago

Paul Ryan is not the first

Paul Ryan is not the first Ayn Rand foot soldier in a very powerful government position. Alan Greenspan was a Rand acolyte and held an extremely powerful position for years. Look how well that worked out for us.

Bill Hungerford more than 1 year ago

The only thing I gathered

The only thing I gathered from this article is that the author is very intellectually lazy and not very bright and the editors of this site are equally as such for allowing such an inthoughtfully considered article... The "interview" posted is so heavily edited that it loses all meaning. It's like seeing the sentence "I hate puppies" without realizing that the context was "I hate puppies having to suffer hunger because there aren't enough homes for them". It's nonsense. Here is the full interview for those with a modicum of intelligence.

Johnson Rice more than 1 year ago

Cowards. Sure, you reject

Cowards. Sure, you reject everything Ayn Rand stands for and wrote. If you had any guts -- and integrity -- you'd make an attack on her actual ideas and philosophy.

"greed and selfishness are not only good, but that it is immoral to care about anyone other than yourself"
A total misstatement of Objectivism. Read the introduction to "The Virtue of Selfishness."

"without a government as we know it"
This is craven formulation. Yes: Rand excoriates the current style of government (as we know it) because it is freedom despoiled by collectivism. No: Rand does not condone "no government." Rand is not an anarchist, as your forked statement implies.

Certainly you want the click bait inherent in a story with "Ayn Rand" in it. Fine. Show some integrity by attacking the actual philosophy of Objectivism.

John Donohue more than 1 year ago

Ayn Rand would have made a

Ayn Rand would have made a great President.

Frank more than 1 year ago

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