Why Black Voters Aren't ‘Feeling the Bern’



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I am responding to Bill from

I am responding to Bill from San Francisco. All pubs reserve the right to publish what they like. You are quite right about Alexander's article. It is sophomoric and repeats, in almost the same words, what other mainstream writers have said about Sanders and black voters. There are many valid criticisms you can make about Sanders, but racism isn't one of them.
To imply Sanders is somehow a closet racist because black voters have chosen Clinton simply misses the mark. I think only one black Congressman has endorsed Sanders--it's Keith Ellison from MN. All the others endorsed Clinton. She got the Black Caucus's endorsement months ago. And black voters, especially in the South, followed their leaders. Those establishment Democrats are betting they can cash in for their constituencies if Clinton wins. It doesn't have anything to do with her views on equality, civil rights, or anything else. It's just politics. So, I would agree with you about the Progressive publishing an article you could have read in any number of mainstream papers and magazines. Its readers deserve better than just pablum served up by a "black intellectual" who we should like--why, exactly? It's not the quality of his mind or his ideas. It must be his skin color.

Peter White 300 days ago

I was in New York at the Wall

I was in New York at the Wall Street bull with a big Bernie poster. At one point there were ten or fifteen young black students gathered for a photo, they were maybe 14-15 years old.

The Kids saw me with my Bernie sign and started chanting "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie." They were having so much fun I let them hold the banner so their teacher could take their picture.

The teacher was angry at me for doing this so I apologized and took the banner back. The kids smiled for a photo and then asked for a photo with the banner. I gave the four foot banner back and the teacher pretended to take a picture. The kids immediately started yelling at her and saying she really didn't take a picture.

I was having fun with the kids and took back the banner for the second time and whispered "Bernie." They smiled at me and cheered for Bernie. This unofficial street sociologist knows that happy and healthy youth of all skin colors are smitten with Bernie.

Garrett Connelly 332 days ago

I have subscribed to this

I have subscribed to this publication for decades. Rarely have I responded to an article, as I typically have no significant objection to articles and agree with most pieces. But considering the piece by Kevin Alexander Gray and his myopic opinion on the black community's opposition to Bernie Sanders, I am livid that you refuse to print my recent response to Mr. Grey's sophomoric article. You are behaving just like the corporate media. If I am not permitted to express my opinion in this publication, where can I? I will not support a publication that won't give me a voice. Why am I being censured?

Bill Adams
San Francisco

William Adams 357 days ago

Hi Bill,

Hi Bill,

We don't censor the comments but they go through a screening process to make sure there is no spam or links to viruses. Sometimes it takes a few days for them to go up.

Tanner Jean-Louis 317 days ago

As a black voter I'm not

As a black voter I'm not going to apologize to the 'pure' for voting for Clinton bc you guys think 'the blacks' are so ignorant and don't know what's good for us. My question for a Senator Sanders is - aside from this picture in the sixties where the hell has he been? He has been saying the same thing for years. Yes this true. But if he believed these things so much why did he move to Vernont to be with the 'pure' and leave all the 'conservative' blacks behind? Hillary Clinton is not the devil I know. She's a person. And she's doing the best she can. She's DOING. And she should not carry the blame for what her husband did while your beloved Bernie takes no blame for a bill that he actually voted for. It's easy to sit in Vermont and develop platitudes and stay 'pure'. Why has he failed to DO anything until his elder years. He could have been going to the south for years and talking to leaders in the community and pushing for reforms with them. And now he wants to come down to get our vote. But only if we come to a rally at a college with his hipster millennial throng. Think again. Start the PURE party and you guys can do what you want. Stop being so selfish and condescending.

Stacy 359 days ago

It is a shame Southern black

It is a shame Southern black voters would support a candidate that uses them for her own gain. Sanders has spent his entire life backing the underdog in this nation and if black voters can't see that, then we're going to be stuck with another Wall Street owned and operated President. Is that who you want in the White House, or a man of integrity his entire life who has fought for equal pay, single payer insurance, free college education, end of endless wars, workers' rights? In other words a nation focused on the welfare of people instead of the moneyed class who oppress the majority of Americans for a chance to add to their billions of dollars. Backing Clinton, the black community has voted against their own best interest and supported the corrupt status quo. Shame.

William Adams 360 days ago

While I am a Bernie Sanders

While I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, I have always seen his lack of relationships with black allies, especially in the South, as a serious weakness. You cannot develop these relationships in the space of a single campaign. By contrast, Hilary Clinton has long-standing relationships and a level of trust and confidence with the black community that Sanders could never match. Nor could just about anyone else for that matter. But one has to wonder how much the black community can really count on Clinton. Democrats have a history of taking black voters for granted and delivering very little. And Hilary Clinton is greatly imbued with a lot of the bad old Democratic qualities.

Jon White 360 days ago

Some people here sound like

Some people here sound like Republicans. At least Bill Clinton said Sorry about all the Black Folks he put in Jail Even Hillary disagreed with Bill doing what bill did. Hate Hillary ALL you WANT.....She will be the NEXT PRESIDENT....And a DAMN BLEEPING GREAT ONE..

Troy Aldrich more than 1 year ago

Hillary Clinton the next

Hillary Clinton the next leader of the USA? Oh the horror!! If true, what a sad, sad, state of affairs. We can only hope that Bernie launches a presidential write-in campaign in the November presidential election (if necessary). Polls show Sanders is favored widely over Clinton nationwide and a write-in campaign could propel him into the White House in an election by the people (a truly democratic election -- one vote, one person), not by the archaic delegate/super-delegate system. Hillary is nothing more than Bill Clinton in a skirt, a "presumptive" leader who is nothing more than a handmaiden to the corporate and Wall Street elites. Enough!

William Adams 360 days ago

Wall o Text for you


“After Super Tuesday, many progressives are puzzling over why blacks—typically the most progressive element in the Democratic Party—are backing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.
There are a number of reasons, and Sanders has to take responsibility for some of them.
Here in South Carolina, where I live, and throughout the South, much of the black political establishment has connections, including financial connections, to the Clintons. The Clintons, meanwhile, have backed a lot of policies that have done real damage to the black community.
Still, people are sticking with the devil they know. Plus, the Clintons have delivered some things: The last public housing in the South was built in the late 1990s.”

NICE of you to gloss over how some of that damage the Clintons did includes welfare reform that, when coupled with the more severe punishments found in the crime bill, helped push many black people out of public housing.

“Sanders has been in Congress for thirty years, but hasn’t developed meaningful relationships with many black elected officials and activists.”

LIKE who? If you’re going to make statements like these, maybe you should list a few of those elected officials and activists with whom he supposedly “hasn’t developed meaningful (how in the hell do you quantify that?) relationships.”

“The way he approached South Carolina was largely to bring in outside black, northern intellectuals—all men—who have made a habit of denouncing President Obama."

AGAIN, mention names. I can only assume one of the “northern intellectuals” you’re complaining about is Dr. Cornell West. Tell me, what aspects of Dr. West’s critiques of Obama are wrong and qualify as “denouncing?” Also, I am pretty sure that Nina Turner is a woman.

“And Killer Mike—a rapper.”
Killer Mike is more than “–a rapper.” The man is clearly a well-educated thinker on matters of systemic and structural racism, but your elitist dismissal of him as “–a rapper” is noted.

“Women are 60 percent of the black electorate here, and you are hard pressed to find a black voter who does not feel strongly supportive of the first black President.”

HE HAS women campaigning for him. What would you have suggested he do to appease those who treat Obama like a messiah instead of flawed, like anyone else, person that he is?

“Sanders might have missed the reality on the ground, since he held his events at the colleges. That isn’t a serious bottom-up strategy for getting to where working people in the community really are.”

WHAT'S the reality? You think only rich black folks are in colleges? You think black folks at colleges are somehow not at the bottom of the American pyramid? Don't have families? You think the Civil Rights movement took off at the corner store? Here’s a hint: It was organized and executed by many intellectuals, most of them in college, many of them poor and yet it was an inclusive movement devoid of the elitism and passive aggressive snark you have presented thus far.

“When Sanders appeared at the Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia (and was mocked by The New York Times and the Washington Post for failing to get much applause) he showed up late for the lunch after the service.”

SHOWING up late for a lunch is a mark against him? Really?

Also, how could anyone with even the smallest amount of integrity and awareness of the media bias against Sanders, not know that the New York Times has endorsed Hillary and that the Washington Post regularly attacks Sanders? Nearly a week after you wrote your own hit piece, the Washington Post published 16 negative articles of their own, not over the course of the week but in a 16 hour span.

So perhaps any mockery that comes from those outlets should be ignored if you hope to present yourself as impartial.

“After losing big to Hillary, who put on a serious ground game in South Carolina and other Southern states, Sanders seemed dismissive of the black voters who didn’t show up for him, heading back North to Vermont and Minnesota where the “smart” voters are, as he put it in a speech.”

WHAT did he do to inform this assertion that he was “dismissive of the black voters?”

Are you actually complaining about him going to the next primary states where people are, in fact more educated? Do you not recall your own words from above “northern intellectuals?” What the hell is a northern intellectual if not a smart person living in the north?

And did you or did you not just complain about him going to colleges and then go on to say, “That isn’t a serious bottom-up strategy for getting to where working people in the community really are?” If they aren’t in colleges, and they still think Hillary is the better option despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, should we think SC voters (black, white, brown, and otherwise) are the “smart” ones? Southerners have a long history of voting against themselves. How should we categorize that behavior? Insightful? Informed? Progressive?

I will not go so far as to call the South stupid, but I am comfortable in saying that the voting habits of most southerners are not smart, and I say that as a southerner myself.

“Bernie talks about his campaign being a “revolution.” No. Cuba had a revolution. Haiti had a revolution. Sanders is not succeeding at building a lasting movement because he is not bringing people of diverse backgrounds together like Jesse Jackson did with the Rainbow Coalition.”

SO IF it doesn’t look like those revolutions, it’s not a revolution? Or are you saying revolutions are pointless because Cuba and Haiti are in poor condition? You are being quite vague, and it almost seems intentional.

And since you bring up Jessie Jackson, I wonder what he thinks of Bernie’s activism:
“Bernie was fighting back in Chicago not in the deep-south — in affordable housing struggles in Chicago. The movement was so broad based. There were civil rights leaders in Chicago.”

And his current primary run:
"Basically I think Sanders represents an idealism of what ought to happen, and she represents a kind of 'what has happened,' and that has given him some edge of those who have no sense of history. His focus is on what ought to happen versus what has happened. And I think [Clinton] should do both,"

“This is a campaign run by some white guys in D.C. and Vermont with some Black Lives Matter talking points as soundbites thrown in. That just doesn’t cut it.”

HE HAS an entourage of black male northern intellectuals and his campaign is run by some “white guys?” Which is it? It can’t be both.

A bit of history to frame my argument (you might want to try that sometime): Jessie Jackson was endorsed by Sanders in 1984 and again in 1988, so even if his campaign is run by some "white guys in D.C. and Vermont,” Sanders clearly has the integrity needed to say and do what’s right, even when it is unpopular.
His endorsement of Jessie Jackson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66fyBz2GhCA&feature=youtu.be

And how can anything Sanders says be called a BLM soundbite?
Last I checked, he’s been speaking this way his entire political career, a career, mind you, that is older than BLM, hashtags, and the internet:
30 Years of Speeches by #BernieSanders:

“Black folks like some of what Bernie says about Wall Street and tuition-free public colleges, but it's clear he's not really thinking about historically black colleges and universities.
Most historically black colleges and universities are in heavily in debt and many of their students wouldn’t be accepted to public universities because of their test scores or grades. These institutions have been neglected in the Obama years. They are already at risk, and they would be even more at risk under a free public university plan.”

FROM Sander’s campaign site:
“Under Bernie’s College for All plan, everyone in America who has the desire and the ability will be able to receive a tuition free education at a public HBCU. All of the financial needs of the lowest income students attending public HBCUs would be met under Bernie’s plan.
Due to declining federal government financial support for HBCUs and because 51% of HBCU’s are public colleges, Senator Sanders’ plan will allow more students to attend the HBCU of their choice which will increase HBCU enrollment. According to the most recent statistics, 76% of students enrolled in HBCUs are enrolled at public HBCUs.”


DID YOU even do any research?

“This is just one small example of how black folks are at best an afterthought in the Sanders campaign. It’s the same situation with critical issues like gerrymandering and the Voting Rights Act.”

He doesn’t care about voting rights and gerrymandering? It’s just an afterthought to him? Is that a fact? Really??

His words on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act:

Bernie Sanders: US Has A Voting Rights Crisis

“I certainly won’t vote for Clinton, but Sanders isn’t really doing what he needs to do. We need real movements that are built not just in election cycles, but over the long haul. Those movements are not built by people looking to be the great new leader. They are built by reaching out to people at the grassroots, listening to them, and following their lead.”

WE HAVE a real movement, but it apparently doesn’t meet your strict and curiously wanting-for-logic conditions for a revolution. The man himself says he can’t do it alone and wants people to stay engaged and push for change. That doesn't sound like he's looking to be "the great new leader."

Since he started out as a grassroots organizer himself, and continues to surround himself with grassroots organizers of today, is he not already listening to and following the lead of grassroots organizers?

Whatever your choice, I hope you will spend more time vetting your choice of candidate than you did vetting your own arguments. Also, I find it rather despicable (contemptible really) for people to use their clout, whatever the source, to smear others with lies, half-truths, and intellectually dishonest and vapid arguments. That said, Hillary might just be the perfect candidate for you.

Laertiádēs more than 1 year ago

What a piece of garbage this

What a piece of garbage this commentary was. He says Sanders should have tried harder -- it's not enough that Sanders was even shown in a newspaper photo being arrested for leading a Chicao sit-in of Congress of Racial Equality while he was in college -- and while Hillary Rodham was a self-described "Godlwater girl" against LBJ. Then the author says he'll never vote for Hillary -- without having given any reason why (and there are so many good reasons, not only for Blacks but for anyone but the "top 0.000001%". The quality of this magazine is so low, to have published such a poorly-argued piece; it's really low.

John Lawrence more than 1 year ago

Even though I agree with the

Even though I agree with the points Kevin makes, Commentor Mike McKee provides stimulous re: the issue of Bernie vs. Clinton with the Blacks of the South. The Black Community is only "sticking with the devil they know." They have not even made the effort to get to know and compare. Is that entirely Bernie's fault? No! Also, it is easy for Kevin to provide Bernie's shortcomings, but, may I ask, "What has the devil done?"

Jim Menzel more than 1 year ago

There is no possible way you

There is no possible way you will vote for Cllnton. Bernie has no relationship with the black community. You mentioned several downfalls your self regarding Bernie, so how is he going to win enough confidence in the black community to make a difference between now and the election to make a difference, as far as getting a large number of black votes to matter

Dorothy more than 1 year ago

Bernie Sanders is a good,

Bernie Sanders is a good, sincere person. But he is another white man running for president. I strongly support him. I would like to be voting for an even more progressive woman of color. I understand the reaction of many black voters, especially when the media gives Mr. Sanders unfair small amount of news coverage. He is the candidate most likely to listen and take to heart black lives matter, so lets keep a dialog going beyond the election.

Pamela Richard more than 1 year ago

I went to a Bernie Sanders

I went to a Bernie Sanders event at Town Hall in New York City and there were very few people of color. He's missing out there.

JP Connolly more than 1 year ago

I saw you on Democracy Now

I saw you on Democracy Now raising the same points and appreciate your observations. I largely agree with the points you make and have been concerned about this since the beginning. I saw the same problem in the Occupy movement- the language and focus that got the attention was that of largely from a white liberal perspective. How can you talk about mortgage fraud without mentioning the targeting of minorities by Countrywide? Or addressing the corrupt practice of redlining? How can you protest banking fraud with out bringing up everyday fraud by payday lending (which Hillary's surrogate Debbie Wasserman Shultz is presently fighting reform)? Like in Occupy, no-one meant to deny these changes, but the language and focus suggested these were to be treated as secondary issues, which brings up the response you suggest. When people are scared because of gun violence in their communities, ending the prison pipeline needs to be addressed in this context. Sanders has said this- it is about communities taking back control of their streets. On Chris Matthews he finally really defined the Political Revolution, which is a people's movement to democratize the economy and end oppression of the 'ism schism- racism, classism, sexism and the like. Bernie needs to talk about policy differences and the Clinton past- the Haitians in NY have been protesting Hillary every day. What they did in the Hurricane relief scam ought to show what Hillary will do the next time a city is treated like New Orleans during Katrina. The climate is unhinged and it is coming sooner or later, probably sooner. If the Black and Brown community stop the political revolution which will empower the grassroots they will get Hillary continuing the Globalization re-colonialization into a 2 class society as an apologist or someone like Trump or Cruz or Rubio doing it unapolegitically- and that will be a real tragedy either way. Time to look in the mirror and think about why you would vote for the devil you know when there may be an alternative.

Robert Malin more than 1 year ago

This piece seemed more

This piece seemed more moderate-conservative than progressive. Bernie has done his part fighting on behalf of the Afro-American community dating back to the 1970s. The reason they aren't voting for him is simply because they are not doing their research and buying into the media's lies. The same media that is owned by the same people that are funding Hillary's campaign. Unlike Hillary, Bernie's campaign is funded by the people so he doesn't have the buying power, nor the lack of class, to have a full on fight against the establishment that is clearly trying to suppress his campaign.

Karlos C. more than 1 year ago

Really, so you wont vote for

Really, so you wont vote for Clinton, then who are you voting for? No one?

AQ more than 1 year ago

I would almost agree with you

I would almost agree with you with almost any other candidate other than Bernie Sanders. Bernie was actually apart of the civil rights movements and even has photo documents of getting arrested. Hes been fighting for African American since his early 20s. A little bit of research goes a long way. He is the only candidate that I would say deserves the African American vote.

Chris more than 1 year ago

I'd rather vote for someone

I'd rather vote for someone who hasn't done something to directly harm the black community, like Clinton. That's what puzzles most Bernie Sanders supporters, I guess. Your critique of him is valid, but it still doesn't explain why anyone would want to vote for someone who has a negative track record over someone without a track record (except being deeply involved with the Civil Rights Movement at a time when Hillary Clinton was stomping for Goldwater). Voters do have a reponsibility to educate themselves on the candidates. Sanders' agenda is much more beneficial to blacks than Hillary's. So rather than asking why black voters aren't feeling the Bern, I'd rather ask why they are feeling Hillary?

Abbey more than 1 year ago

What, pray tell, is Sanders

What, pray tell, is Sanders suppose to do? I am a black woman who's keenly aware of what the Clintons have done to African Americans through out their tenior and I can't, for my life understand what freaking spell they've cast over black people. They've done nothing but screw us and we are still talking about how black votes are an after thought for Sanders? Really? It seems to me that there is nothing Sanders could have done to win over blacks in South Carolina because there minds were alread made up. Its very much like trying to convince voters in Vermont that Hillary is the right choice for them...Their minds were already made up. The lost in South Carolina is a testament to the kind of relationship that the Clintons have build with the African American community while simultationsly screwing African Americans. They've drank the Clinton Koolaid and it courses through their veins. Bernie didn't have a chance but to say he dismissed the African American vote is silly. He simply put his efforts on where he can win much like Hillary left New Hampshire when she realized she would not win in that state. Sanders doesn't have to pander to black people for votes. His message is consistent and that is why Hillary is stealing his talking points so she can turn her campaign around. His plan helps the poor and the middle class get a fair chance and that's how he will help African Americans and if we can't see that, we have bigger problems then we are willing to admitt to ourselves. Bernie is labeled as dismissing black voters but Hillary is on record for dismissing black voters over and over but that's okay? Bernie's plan would destroy already failing historically black colleges..REALLY...if they are already failing, how is his plan for free colleges for all going to further destroy it? If anything it would allow most who can't afford private colleges to get an education... I'm so tired of the double standard that we as a people set up for the two democratic presidential candidates. Wake up!

Edna S. more than 1 year ago

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

delicanola more than 1 year ago

Edna, you are so right! I'm

Edna, you are so right! I'm not a Christian but let me borrow a quote, "By their fruit you shall know them." Don't listen to what any politician says they will do. Instead, look at their record of what they have done, the fruit of their labor. On that basis, as a Human Being I simply cannot vote for Hillary - ever. To me Black lives matter! as do all lives, Hispanic, Asian ... Hillary puts $$$ above Life. She campaigned for 3 strikes and you're out. She supported vociferously war in Iraq. HMOs. Big Pharm. Big Banks. Wall Street etc etc and of course, etc
This election is history repeating itself: Richard Nixon vs Hubert Humphrey. The establishment candidate, Humphrey forced the young and progressive voters out and Nixon won. IMO

Ken Wryn more than 1 year ago

Your comment was simply the

Your comment was simply the most logical, and based upon fact, rather than some fanciful made up excuses for not using logic and voting for the ONLY Candidate out there with any real ethics. You stood up to many voices on here who took the easy way out. Thank you! American sisters and brothers of all nationalities need to learn to listen up, read, and act like they are truly thinking things through. Not to be thinking first, and acting out of knowledge of the full history of these candidates is like not voting at all. It gives up our power and allows the filthy rich elites to gain even more power over our lives. I am so tired of voters who do not pay attention. People seem almost excited to take the easy way out, and then they continue down that path, and do not understand why life is not getting really better, life is not offering more choices, more healthy, educated choices to our children and grand children. There is no longer any excuse for not paying attention. Even an old 65 year old like me can wake up and smell the coffee, if she pays attention, reads, studies our candidates histories and actions in Congress and outside of it. Bernie Sanders has laid a foundation of ethics, of supporting ALL PEOPLE, all of his entire adult life. That so many refused to LOOK at that fact is of great concern to me. God help us all.

Debra D 288 days ago

We shape our politicians.

We shape our politicians. Look at Trump. Look at the Clintons. Shape Bernie. He seems like a better human than anyone else running for prez.

Fran Crane more than 1 year ago

Good insight definitely. I

Good insight definitely. I would add though that blacks are among the few subgroups left in the Democratic Party (only 29% identify as Democrats now, 26% as Republicans). The get out the vote black leaders have close ties to the Democratic Party. The strong support of the establishment is natural.

Gail Sanders more than 1 year ago

I guess you'll need to take a

I guess you'll need to take a few moments to address why you certainly are not voting for Clinton because it's unclear based on everything else you said about Sanders not connecting to the black community. When Clinton is the nominee, you'll still feel so strongly?

Bonnie Gutsch more than 1 year ago

Perhaps he's talking about

Perhaps he's talking about not voting for Clinton in the Democratic Primary as a Democrat and not in the General.

JOSEPH MARGOLIS more than 1 year ago

While you make some

While you make some compelling points, your article does not explain the main question. That is, why do southerners in general and black voters in particular continue to vote against their own well-being? Your work here does not offer a single reason why African-Americans vote overwhelmingly for the Clintons other than "sticking with the devil they know". Slick Willy singlehandedly put thousands of black men in prison with three strikes and mandatory minimum sentencing, while his bride takes huge sums of cash from private prisons (the modern day slave-owners) and their lobbyists. And the Rainbow coalition (endorsed and campaigned for by Sen. Sanders) didn't even create a blip on the radar. Perhaps a little research by the good folks of the south is in order before they go to the polls.

Mike McKee more than 1 year ago

Like the author said, Sanders

Like the author said, Sanders did not put enough time getting to know black people in South Carolina. He did not pick up on issues where his agenda and the interests of black voters did not intersect. For example, the article mentioned how free college conflicted with a desire to protect ailing HBCU's. The author also mentioned how Sanders didn't even try to make relationships in Congress or even during his campaign. He did do much to counter Hillary's massive ground effort in SC.

I like a lot Senator Sander's positions but there are a lot of intelligent reasons not to Feel the Bern. I recommend listening to some recent episodes of This Week In Blackness. Perhaps you also observe some hashtags on Twitter where black people to learn more about how Bernie missed huge opportunities to connect with black voters that any Democrat desperately needs to win a General Election. http://twib.me. Either way, perhaps a little research by good folks such as yourself is worth your time before running your mouth on the internet insulting the intelligence of people off the cuff.

JOSEPH MARGOLIS more than 1 year ago

Another reason is people like

Another reason is people like you insinuating we are not informed, intellectuals who have looked at Bernie Sanders and found him wanting. We are busy trying to push both candidates to take up our positions. Namely, why we are being killed in the streets? What is your plan to stop them from killing us? Every time he is asked about Black voters Sanders brings up incarceration as you did. All of us are not in prison. We don't have to be on the corner or from the a poor community to get stopped and thrown into the dirt. We wouldn't be in prison if our neighborhoods weren't under siege w/ Police Officers that stop us for walking, driving, talking while Black. If they policed White communities they way they Police ours and stop White people for the Bullshit they stop us for and then arrest them for nothing as they do us the crime bill would have put seven times the amount of Whites in jail as Black/Brown bodies. So the issue with the crime bill and our incarceration has to do with the RACISM and he unfair practices in the justice system and unequal sentencing of Black and Brown bodies.
So far, Hillary is the only that seems to be listening.
Sanders has been given a road map to the nomination and still misses on very important issues because he is too busy holding his White constituency and sticking to his half century long stump speech.
To insinuate that we haven't done our research is condescending and patronizing.

T. Brown more than 1 year ago

I agree with Mr. Gray. It is

I agree with Mr. Gray. It is true that Sanders has not made much effort to give much more than lip service to the concerns of the Black community. I heartily encourage Black Lives Matter activists to regularly put him on the spot, particularly when it comes to the frequent murder of African Americans at the hands of police. Other topics should include the poverty draft, imprisonment rates, and voter disenfranchisement. Make Sanders toe the line, and then help to elect him. Hillary will only continue the imperialist war on the 99%.

James Richard Bailey more than 1 year ago

As usual, very informed and

As usual, very informed and instructive piece, Kevin. Thanks for writing it.

Clark Surratt more than 1 year ago

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