Big AG's Big Gambit: Label GMO Opponents as 'Terrorists'



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I wanted to pass on a bit of

I wanted to pass on a bit of essential strategy gleaned from a surprising source, a darkly, impossibly compromised source: the Republican Party in US. I hate them, but if the devil speaks true, I mean to benefit from it, and I hope you can, too. Here's the message: Get your language right, and get all your allies to use it in unison. They all said, "death panels," and everyone remembers that image better than anything else in Obamacare, better than science, better than economics, better than sincerity.

Apply this for our purpose: Never say, "GMO." Always say, "GMO-contaminated." Always associate the word "contaminated" with our enemy; if enough people begin to do this, it will have more power than anything we've done in the US yet. Also, never expand the acronym "GM" to "genetically modified." Always say, "genetically manipulated." "Manipulated" is a sinister word, not so dark as what Monsanto is doing, but dark. At the same time, it isn't too dark to be adopted by "neutral" media, ie the news, print/TV journalists. Use the language, create the image and the abhorrence in public consciousness. Government will never help us; it will at best, be dull enough to fail at obstructing our success and will then follow along to take credit for it.

Scott Hartley more than 2 years ago

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