Why Bernie Sanders Opposes U.S. Strike on Syria



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The most disgusting piece of

The most disgusting piece of Terrorism APPEASEMENT ever uttered in recorded history.
This is Senator Sander's response to rows of GASSED BABIES in Damascus, children running for their lives, 426 of them DROPPING DEAD foaming at the mouth!

Shocking, disgraceful, contemptible cowardice as Sanders either truly doesn't care what Assad does or is afraid to defy his pathetic supporters.

Sanders mentioned how few supported taking it to Assad, a terrifying example of the Power of the MEDIA, as the FOAMING TWITCHING DYING (that totaled 1529 that day) were off the TV in hours, replaced by MSNBC's "Drums of War" and inane Fear Mongering.

Irwin Mainway more than 1 year ago

Bashar Assad:

Bashar Assad:
- IN HALLS OF CONGRESS - JULY 15, 2015 - A glimpse of Assad’s torture machine
-Assad’s regime uses phosphoric bombs to kill its own people in Damascus
-With Global Attention on ISIS, Regime Barrel Bombs Pound Syrian Civilians
-Free Syria Media Hub on Twitter: "250,000 Dead 1,000,000 injured 8 million displaced this is #Syria4YearsOn
-Syria: Incendiary bomb attack on school with 'napalm-like' substance
-Healers Under Attack: Targeting Medical Care in Syria
-Former detainee says 124 inmates tortured to death in two months
-Syrians Forced To Chose Starvation Or Surrender: Experts
-Faces of Our Dead: Photos of the Palestinians tortured to death by Syrian regime
-Photos inside Syria's torture chambers on display at US Holocaust Museum
-Syrian Government Launches Fresh Chemical Attack In Idlib
-Syria conflict: Aleppo civilians suffer 'unthinkable atrocities'
You get the point I hope.

Irwin Mainway more than 1 year ago

I cannot support a Liberal

I cannot support a Liberal Appeaser of "a butcher", meaning Bernie Sanders doesn't have my support AT ALL.

Bashar Assad used SARIN NERVE AGENT on sleeping BABIES, hundreds of children and 1100 adults, at least the Syrian Army did, following orders. The telephone calls damning the Syrian Army all recorded by the Pentagon or NSA.

The "War" Bernie brings up, I am sure to loud applause by cold hearted racist cretins or just cowards, is a BIG LIE!
A "punitive strike" is not a "war", with Assad not crazy enough to try and attack US forces, it would be over in a day or two.

Irwin Mainway more than 1 year ago

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