What Bernie Sanders Achieved



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Sanders has not formally

Sanders has not formally conceded anything. His campaign is still in active status. He merely endorsed Clinton, because he has to play the game being a Super Delegate. Otherwise he would be barred from participating at the convention.

Garett 285 days ago

Cobble had better cobble up

Cobble had better cobble up some brain cells. No true progressive will vote for Clinton. It isn't the lesser of two evils this time. It's two equally bad evils.

John Earl 285 days ago

Bernie did exactly what he

Bernie did exactly what he was picked to do: he got all those "progressives" steered toward Clinton, and away from Trump. He wasn't selected to win anything. He simply played the Judas Goat for the ones naive enough to believe in him.

Bernie's Job is Done 286 days ago

"What Bernie Sanders Achieved

"What Bernie Sanders Achieved"

(1) One of the biggest frauds in history.
(2) Book deal.

William Bayer 286 days ago

Bernie Sanders did NOT

Bernie Sanders did NOT 'concede' - he did endorse HRC but that is NOT the same thing.
Mr. Sanders is STILL in the race and going to the convention in Philly.
I will NEVER vote for HRC. It's Bernie or Jill for me.
Please stop writing misleading headlines. It's wrong to lie.

Susanna Iris Astarte 286 days ago

Sadly, many of Bernie's

Sadly, many of Bernie's younger supporters and many of the older supporters have a negative view of Hillary and the DNC political machine. Could be that Hillary's dismissive demeanor towards those that question her policies and longterm motives have pushed the very people she needs to vote for her away.

Allen Snow 286 days ago

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