Bernie and Hillary Delegates Forge an Uneasy Peace. Now What?



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I will not reward the

I will not reward the betrayal of Obama, who essentially runs the DNC, and has betrayed us with such gifts as spying on the American people and creating a surveillance state. I will not reward Hillary Clinton for her betrayal in denying me my right to vote for the candidate of my choice. This election was rigged - will you vote for the one who rigged it?

P.S. I am looking for a media outlet who gets this. Any recommendations? I'm very hungry. We all are. I'm not with her because I AM A PROGRESSIVE. Yes there is a difference between saying you are a progressive, and actually acting like one. Theory is not helpful if you don't take action.

Lets not continue with voting for what we don't want, lets vote for who we want. It's not time to move forward with Hillary, it's time to move forward with what we want.

I will vote for Jill Stein.

Joan 262 days ago

I have been faithfully Green

I have been faithfully Green and will remain so. The Democratic Party is where movements go to die.

chris croke 263 days ago

It's going to be quite an

It's going to be quite an uphill battle on rough terrain to get Bernie's supporters to vote for Hillary. What most people don't know or acknowledge is that Berners were broadcasting live inside and outside the convention. We watched what was really going on, not the pretty unified picture that is broadcast on MSM. It was dirty and ugly. There were a number of Bernie's delegates with physical disabilities and it seems that the DNC went out of their way to make it difficult for them. So for Hillary to speak of helping disabled children to the face of the disabled delegates that were aggregiously inconvenienced is appalling.

As for getting to the inside and working among them, that is the seemingly rational approach but the time it will take will make it impossible to prevent the TPP and I understand that it's written to be permanent and irreversible.

In my opinion, the most critical issue that needs to be addressed immediately is to arrange clean, unbiased exit polling at every polling station in this country to ensure the legitimacy of the numbers in the vote count in November.

Lu Ann 267 days ago

As a strong Bernie supporter,

As a strong Bernie supporter, at 80 old enough to recognize a "rigged" election when I see one, in November I'll be compelled to fall back on my sense of political realism, pull out the clothespin, and vote for Hillary. Yes, the platform she's running on incorporates much of what Bernie has been touting. and yes, she has said and done many good, progressive things in the past--along with those she has opposed and/or worked to defeat. The truth is, we don't know what kind of president she will be, only that gambling on her is infinitely preferable to gambling on the protofascist Trump.

John Bernard 269 days ago

Why did u address him as

Why did u address him as 'General'--he's not...he's not in military anymore if retired...are these becoming titles like 'lord' and 'sir'? that's ridiculous...and not sure why i should see it hear...his name is Mr. Allen--blah, reading what you wrote angers me--hadn't realized it was so bad. the progressive delegates should not have been abandoned to the party machine like that. i have serious doubts about them remaining in that machine. and i for one--or many?--will not vote for that representative of the party machine...once in office, she can come up with an excuse for not doing what she has promised to do--or is that many excuses?...

Robert 269 days ago



You've just given more reasons to never vote for this fraudulent pseudo-progressive in the $12K Armani clothes. The convention's phoniness is a perfect metaphor for Clinton, particularly when you add in the war-mongering general, the repression of opposing viewpoints, the orchestrated emotions, the canned music.

I'll NEVER be ready for the likes of this neoliberal/neocon hybrid.

Michael Paul Goldenberg 269 days ago

There is another way for

There is another way for Bernie's supporters to change politics other than getting elected. They could decide to get involved in the activities of grass roots popular movements; that is educating and organizing. It is in the culture itself that real change must first take place. This is the history of progress in this country. From the American Revolution, to the Jacksonian movement, to the Suffragette movement, to the creation and success of the labor movement, the civil rights movement, the reincarnation of the women's movement, environmental movement, the lgbt movement and others, this is where change first and most importantly takes place. We have greatly exaggerated the importance of the electoral system as an agent of change.

Richard Sentner, Jr. 269 days ago

Taking over the Democratic

Taking over the Democratic Party? That's like wanting to be infected with cancer to find a cure!

John Earl 269 days ago

I'm going Green with Stein

I'm going Green with Stein

Ed Bennett 269 days ago

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