After Benghazi, How Will Republicans Smear Clinton Next?



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What about Hillary's

What about Hillary's culpability in leaving a Libyan vacuum for Isis to fill, accepting millions in "gifts" from the Sauds, for her and Billy's "foundation", selling the Sauds (the ORIGINAL head choppers, via Wahhabism, taught to ISIL…) billions in weapons sold to Saudi Arabia, as S.O.S., promoting regime change in Syria, Libya, her Assistant S.O.S, Victoria Nuland's horrible "mess making" of Ukraine, with a neoNazi now running things in Eastern Ukraine, The Clinton Foundations failed efforts to help the Haitians after the horrible 7.2 mag. earthquake, several years back, promising up to 60,000 jobs for her textile center, the Honduran situation, her private server, her Wall st. connections, her unreleased Wall St. speech transcripts (if there's nothing to hide...) her Third Way think tank endorsement -- why, her war mongering behavior has been more Republican that Donald's! She may be SOCIALLY liberal, but is extremely fiscally and politically conservative. I would like a woman President, SOME DAY! We are not left with the beggars choice of Hillary! Bernie has supported more pro female and diverse, progressive causes than Hillary ever has! She is a shape shifter who has done what ever was necessary to make sure she got the nomination! ALL the media, including PBS's The Newshour and NPR, not even counting MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBS were ALL SHAMEFULLY and unapologetically pro-Hillary! The OBVIOUS bias was astounding, the propaganda was an insult to every American -- just shameful again. Follow the money they say, that's where you'd find the sad and evil truth! America is now well on its way towards a 2-class plutocracy, and a police state, no more middle class, no more labor unions (as imperfect and corrupt as some were) to at least level the paying field! I am also sick and tired of Obama's convenient excuse of Republican obstructionism! He could has used executive order more often and if he was REALLY for helping the 99%, why, in God's name has he been LITERALLY PUSHING the TPP for several years now??!! He has "played" the 99% with hope and change -- what gullible suckers we were! He'll have his billion dollar job, write his numerous memoirs, have his library and leave an AWFUL legacy!! His PRIVILEGED, unique upbringing would NEVER allow him to be able to relate to the African American high school students I teach in an extremely poor area of Buffalo, NY! Racism is alive and well in Buffalo, NY and throughout the US! Even though I am a Bernie supporter, I feel for Ben Carson - someone who is self made, had no privilege like Obummer, became an excellent surgeon and then some fool talked him into (?) entering the Republican Primary where he was made into a laughing stock and literal buffoon! It broke my heart… he was earnest and should never have entered politics where only sociopaths do well. Plus as a surgeon, many don't have the best, polished and trained speaking voices like convincing pathological liars!. I pray he goes back to neurosurgery and washes his hands of this toxic politics!!
I cannot fathom 4+ years of Hillary's support for war and her support of the OIL, GAS, HALLIBURTON, GE, BOEING, BECTEL, ETC… industries and STOCK holders SHAMEFUL!! But Hillary’s ok, yeah right... thanks for nada, “The Progressive” - haha., To The Progressive, whose side are you actually on? How about some more truthful and balanced reporting on Hillary?! Just more wars, billions and trillions for her Military Industrial Complex friends and stockholders, (best buds with Bush’s and Cheney... . nice!) and she's dying for regime change in Russia! We'll send our poor young men and women, “boots on the ground” and poor middle eastern, Aphgani, Pakistani, and other innocents made into refuges, slaughtered, all merely “collateral damage”--- ALL FOR THE US STOCK HOLDER, including Hillary and Billy! Thanks a lot! NOT!

Elizabeth 300 days ago

Are y'all trying to be like

Are y'all trying to be like the NYT's printing this?

Drew Dillon 301 days ago

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