Who Is Behind the National Right to Work Committee and its Anti-Union Crusade?



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Nick and kcroofer make a

Nick and kcroofer make a great point: Freeloaders enjoy the benefits but don't contribute. "They favor short-term gains...over long-term security", Nick wrote. Over time we'll get more and more freeloaders. It is understandable and appropriate that we are concerned about the rise of freeloaders because they threaten our livelihoods and our futures. .

Chihare more than 2 years ago

100% Correct.

100% Correct.

lily more than 1 year ago

Well at least on Conservative

Well at least on Conservative sites we ALLOW dissenting posts.

Ronin more than 2 years ago

"National Right to Work's

"National Right to Work's Deep Connections to the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society" You forgot to mention Bush and the boogeyman. LOL

Ronin more than 2 years ago

In order to get New Deal

In order to get New Deal legislation passed, FDR had to compromise with the racist Southern Democrats. Jobs that were mainly held by blacks, such as domestics, were excluded from the minimum wage law. See for example, "When Affirmative Action Was White," by Katznelson.

Stuart Skalka more than 2 years ago

It would be "a disaster for

It would be "a disaster for labor" only if "labor" (read "unions") concede that they CAN'T make it on their own in terms of having a VOLUNTARY membership, but rather need the ability to coerce unwilling workers simply to exist.

Face it; the labor "unions" of today have nothing to do with the true concept of "union"; instead, they are examples of what happens when a priviliged minority is granted tyrannical authority over an unprivliged majority. The consequences of that tyranny are why labor unions find it such rough going today. Workers recognize them for what they actually ARE...and what they actually are is the ENEMY of true labor.

Challenge that? Then what happened to all those UAW jobs? Or Teamster jobs? Or IAM jobs? Or USW jobs? Etc., etc. Workers simly aren't that stupid as to not be cognizant of a bit of history.

Ken Meyer more than 2 years ago

Could you tell me what Local

Could you tell me what Local you are out of and where so I can understand where you got all that first hand knowledge?

Lily more than 1 year ago

Or maybe the NRTW are just

Or maybe the NRTW are just folk who want everyone to have the "right to choose" whether or not to be in a union. If unions are so great, why would anyone choose not to be in one?

scottyb more than 2 years ago

Great question.

Great question.

The answer is that RTW and their friends are intentionally deceptive about the long term effects of their bigotries, and they have a lot more money than the unions with which to steam roll rationality. They favor short term gains, such as not paying a small membership due, over long term security, such as seniority and increased wages over time. People who opt out of membership AND agency fees are freeloaders, capitalizing on the courage of others, who banded together against management to fight corporate greed. RTW understands the importance of unions. That is why firefighters and police are exempt from most RTW legislation, they're protecting the good ol' boys.

Nick more than 2 years ago

Because they want the wages w

Because they want the wages w/o having to pay for it. It's called freeloaders or entitlement cows. That's why RTW states have the highest levels of entitlement drawers than non RTW states.

kcroofer more than 2 years ago



lily more than 1 year ago

So many people have heard

So many people have heard this rhetoric about how Bad Unions are. Unions Are the Employees who simply want a decent wage and fair treatment by their Employer. If they have no personal knowledge of Unions then they just believe this 'bad mouthing'. I was in a Union for 30 years. Nobody complained that they paid Union dues even if they weren't officially a Union Member. They knew the benefits they received because of the Union. I was in 3 Strikes during my time. Every one of them was worth it. My husband is also Union. The strikes were tough but you Know when your contract is up and become prepared. Only One time did the Company ever negotiate the Contract and complete negotiation by the time the Contract was up. Several times we worked without a contract just to allow the negotiation to finish. Why does the Company not just get all that done before the Contract expires? The last strike, which I was not part of as an employee because I retired, the Union started trying to negotiate in February and the Company Refused to Negotiate. Period. They sure LIED to the Press saying they were negotiating, of course. Until Federal Moderators got involved they never once Negotiated and they Hired a Union Busting Co & they hired tons of 'contractors who were unskilled and some were actually Criminals(all the while complaining about $$ for the Employees!!) The Customers were Not Happy with the 'contractors and flooded the Gov. with Complaints. They stood by Our Side.. If companies paid a good salary and treated their employees well, like Google, Nobody would Need a Union. Now, Unions are needed more than ever.

lily more than 1 year ago

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