Ballet Dancing in the Era of Self-Driving Cars



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Actually self-driving cars

Actually self-driving cars will greatly benefit folks like me who never learned to drive which many jobs currently require.

PezBen 279 days ago

A robot could never be in the

A robot could never be in the place of a person. A dancer have personality, feelings to transmit. And people go to watch a ballet to watch and feel.

Liliana Couto 285 days ago

Yes, and in this age of self

Yes, and in this age of self-driving (and self-crashing) cars, the horse is STILL used as transportation in select circumstances. No need to panic.

Emily 289 days ago

As a person with a disability

As a person with a disability who is prohibited from driving, I had been excited about how self driving cars would increase people's participation in the community. But living in DC, I do not know how all these cars will fit on the roads and find parking. They may be great for people in wicked rural areas, but when you live in the second worst traffic jam area (behind LA), it may not be pretty.

Deb Cotter 291 days ago

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