Back Home, Walker Pushes What Dems Describe as “The Corrupt Politician Protection Act”



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Thank you to Gordon Hintz and

Thank you to Gordon Hintz and the other state democrats for continuing to fight this monster and his army. The problem is that with the control the republicans have, it's like fighting the the Great Chicago Fire with a garden hose. Isn't there anything that the federal government can do to step in? Walker is systematically destroying every aspect of our beautiful state, and as a resident and someone who's lived here his entire life, the entire situation gives great feelings of anger, sadness, and helplessness. He has left us all with one move out of state. This entire thing is sickening...and my house is for sale.

Now I know how the Titanic life boat survivors felt more than 1 year ago

I am proud to have worked to

I am proud to have worked to get Gordon Hintz elected and re-elected. Sadly, there isn't enough of him or his kind to stop Wisconsin's slow death-swirly.

John Hoffman more than 1 year ago

Walker saved Wisconsin

Walker saved Wisconsin

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

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