Author of Alarming Minimum Wage Study Has Alarming Alliances




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Also, according to a study of

Also, according to a study of 1,381 counties over sixteen years by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, raising the minimum wage as negligible positive or negative effects on unemployment. And I always include that if the minimum wage is not a living wage, then we have debt-slaves and wage-slaves, and somebody eventually pays for that, and that someone is you.

It is time-consuming and confusing, but it is best to find varied, biased and unbiased sources, look at their funding and associations and author history. Trust half of what you see, and none of what you hear, right?

the moral argument is 1. against debt/wage slavery, 2. you're not rich and won't ever be, 3. what affects your neighbor eventually affects you.

Dustin Price 234 days ago

Yes, as a Washington State

Yes, as a Washington State resident, I can attest that right-wing bias has crept in to the University.

john bartley 235 days ago

Wow. That's a lot of words

Wow. That's a lot of words to try to dispel the truth that Vigdor published. Instead of trying to discredit someone as "right wing', why don't you come up with your own analysis? You can't and thus you find it necessary to diminish another person. Sad.

Dingle LibDorf 242 days ago

In my experience,

In my experience, progressives and progressive orgs are always identified as "liberal" in media coverage, but conservatives are rarely treated the same way.

Janice Collins 243 days ago

In 1960 7% of the US economy

In 1960 7% of the US economy was financial services. 8% was medical and 30% was manufacturing. Today 18% is medical, 24% is financial services and 41% of the corporate profits are from the financial services industry. Only 11% of the economy is manufacturing. Our whole economy has been restructured to turn the US into a cash cow for the financial service industry.

james Fritz 246 days ago

The article is slanted as

The article is as slanted as the researcher it comments about.
Every time the minimum wage is raised, the value of the dollar goes down.
The minimum wage in the 1970s bought more than it does today.
Since it is small employers that employ the most people in the US, where are they supposed to get the extra money from? Small employers will have to higher less workers, raise prices or go out of business.
If you want minimum wage to buy more, get rid of the stock market and unions because that is the real problem, not the wages.

Don Garretson 246 days ago

I'm not sure I follow. It

I'm not sure I follow. It seems that you are saying raising the minimum wage causes inflation. Then you tie the minimum wage to supposedly cause general inflation since the 70's, it feels like you may be leaving out other factors. Also, all the stats I am seeing seem to say the vast majority of employers are small businesses, but I wonder how many of those are franchises like McDonald's? And beware skewing of the numbers when the biggest block of 'small businesses' are self-employment. Also, depending on the report, 'small business' can mean up to 500 employees, which is not small in my experience.

More on inflation, increasing the wage actually does not create new money into the market, but shifts from shareholder profits to low wage earners, who then put it right back into their community, helping small businesses.

And then you go on to 'the minimum wage to buy more' which I assume about lowering prices and stopping inflation. One good way would be Single Payer, which would lower costs to employers and employees, which could lower costs or wages for you. In fact, transferring expenditures to social safety nets from corporate welfare would save on the 'hidden costs' and make small businesses more productive and secure. When I've seen minimum wage impacts it is usually to large employers profit margins.

Dustin Price 234 days ago

If you raise wages it shouldn

If you raise wages it shouldn't effect the economy to bad because the people who have been working hard to survive can afford to put it back into the economy like being able to afford groceries or shopping

Toni medler 246 days ago

Nothing says "Professional

Nothing says "Professional Journalism" like a gif.

Public School Teacher 247 days ago

I applaud your efforts to

I applaud your efforts to illuminate relationships. I understand that Vigdor is likely biased. However, what of the other authors?

A liberal 247 days ago

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