Anti-Muslim Panel Shows Ugly Side of Rightwing Groups



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While I appreciate the

While I appreciate the sentiments from this contributor regarding attitudes of the right wing on the Muslim faith, I should point out to him that while I do NOT believe that the general Muslim population of any country is actively working for a conspiracy theory, I DO believe that those at the top of this faith are actually planning world domination if they can possibly get there, and in order to do that they want to introduce their beliefs (ie the Sharia laws) into every possible corner of the world to establish what they believe to be what 'God' wants. Because religious zealots do not take no for an answer, we in the West should be REALLY, REALLY careful how many Muslims we allow to migrate to the US (or Europe) because in numbers lies their power to persuade and pervert. I just think we need to be on the lookout and aware of the strong ideology that is this belief system and make sure the rest of us are not in a position of deep regret some time in the future. "Can't happen" you say ? Not if we are making sure they do not get too strong - that is the point !!! I am a liberal in all ways except this one subject, which I have a deep, deep instinctual distrust of !!!

Veronica more than 2 years ago

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