American Encounters of a Frightening Kind



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If it's not racism that drove

If it's not racism that drove this vote then what? Misogyny, soft-bigotry or just plain ol' stupidity? Assuming it's not just racism we must look to the other options. I'm sure we've all read or heard, "I don't like him, but I HATE her." Why? Was it Clinton's policies, her personality, or was it that she is a woman? I don't see it as a leap to far to assume many of those confederate battle flag hangers aren't okay with a woman in charge, much as they weren't okay with a black man in charge. Or, was it just regular old stupidity. The party of Lincoln hasn't existed for a long time and Republican populism is a joke, but the party of big business is alive and well, and found in Trump a way to repackage itself to get poor whites to vote against their own economic interests yet again. Only this time it could prove fatal for them. If Trump shreds the safety net, it's poor whites who are hurt most, they'll be dead next time around and won't be able to vote.

Saddened liberal 137 days ago

Q: Was it Clinton's policies,

Question: "Was it Clinton's policies, her personality, or was it that she is a woman?" Answer: It was her policies and her personality. Try to learn from the election; maligning opponents as bigots-racists-sexists-etc doesn't cut it.

your conscience 133 days ago

If you continue to see only

If you continue to see only racism in your political opponents, you will continue to miss the point. Try to understand that your dismissal of a large chunk of the citizenry played a role in the recent election. A wise progressive would try to learn from the experience.

your conscience 140 days ago

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