Ambivalence and Horror in Nepal



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Mary DesChene has raised the

Mary DesChene has raised the issue of debt relief at the right time. If the is anything that is functional in Nepal is basically Nepal Army and Nepal in terms of catering the relief services. However, neighbouring countries for instace, China and India followed up by US, UK and relief teams from 34 countries joined in the recue and relief operations. Many people complained that the political parties were mute for the first two weeks. Now all the political party cadres are out in the districts helping people in building temporary shelters. Most of the rescue and relief teams from various countries have already left the country. The experts have warned that landslides will follow the massive earthquake but there is no any news in sight that the government an imporant instution which has been described almost delatipilated situation has not shown any readyness to face and manage the disaster which almost certain to come in a few weeks time.

Dhruba more than 1 year ago

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