AIM Co-Founder Talks about Forgiveness, Nonviolence, and What Comes After Standing Rock



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Forgiveness? Bill Means still

Forgiveness? Bill Means still has not asked forgiveness for his role in the 1975 murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, as exposed by his brother, Russell:

“…the American Indian Movement at that time, was well aware of what happened to Anna Mae, and two of the leaders ordered her death. Vernon Bellecourt made the phone call to the house on Rosebud, which... (insert crocodile tears)... is my brother’s house and Clyde Bellecourt took the call from Vernon and then issued the order for her death, her murder.”
Russell Means, 1999 Press Conference. Federal Courthouse Denver, Colorado, describing Bill Means' house where Anna Mae was held the night Bill's and Russell's associates carried out the murder edict handed down by their leader, Dennis Banks. The motive? They mistakenly believed that Anna Mae had ratted them out to the feds. But as it turned out, she had not betrayed them—they betrayed her, and today they're still running from the truth.

“Anna Mae Aquash was executed by a single gunshot to the back of her head on orders from the American Indian Movement because they believed her to be an informant for the F.B.I.”
Supreme Court of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada June 26, 2007

James Simon 133 days ago

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