Earth to the Democrats—Anybody Home?



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Why no Filibuster

Why didn't the Dems filibuster Pruitt until the emails were out? This makes no sense to me? I don't believe the GOP changed the rules, so filibuster was on the table. Having a filibuster just to grandstand and delay a vote 1 or 2 or 5 days could be considered grandstanding, but in this case, a delay would have allowed the emails to be reviewed prior to the confirmation vote.

mark 62 days ago

Lists to the Left

What is necessary is a strategy that does not depend on another group sharing its donor list. Not going to happen. That windmill is part of the landscape, and there's no sense in tilting at it.

Successful progressive movements are external to party politics. You think that Martin Luther King would let the Civil Rights movement rise or fall depend on access to Democratic Party donors?

Paul Goode 62 days ago


Where I appreciate your information on what we can do to combat the Trump problems, I at this time am without funds. As soon as I get a job, and it should be soon, I will help. Thank you I appreciate your efforts.

Cate Matthews 63 days ago

Dems are gone.

The Dems have left the building. Long Gone. (since the 1990's).

We badly need a Labor Party!
It could easily dedicate itself to this.
If Bernie Sanders joined, it would go National.
If Bernie ran, it would WIN.

Please take note.

Peter Lee 63 days ago

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