“Do They Know That I’m…..?!” The Film “Get Out” Reflects on What White People See.

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If white privilege really only applies to the top 1%, then I do not think very many can truly comment on what life in the top 1% is like, since only 1% of the population truly experiences that lifestyle long enough to have a valid opinion of it.
That being said, I think this warlike villification in the subtext of this article is concerning. Privileged white people do not sit around plotting the control of black people. If anything, the film (at least how you have described it) shows a group of white people who don't know how in the world to talk to a black man since nobody really knows what is considered racist. Even the best of intentions from whites are construed to be strong racist overtones, and that is frightening. In truth, most white people are scared out of their minds to talk to a minority because of this crucade to crucify a person the moment they say one racist, whether on purpose or accidentally. You just can't talk to someone who is waiting for you to screw up. Your best intentions will never quite perforate through the thick filter you've put in place to make sure your best intentions are noticed.

John 41 days ago

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