40 years later, U.S. invasion still haunts Dominican Republic



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so is DR imitating USA

so is DR imitating USA because of a successful nation? or because USA has had heavy presence in the DR?

ayyyy 213 days ago

Me rio de los personajes

Me rio de los personajes estos, que juran que RD copia a los USA, y los nombre de esas calles son por la invasion de los yanquis. Otra cosa es que en USA hay calles con nombre de Dominicanos. La ignorancia
de estas persona es universal!

RD 258 days ago

I'm sorry but this is just

I'm sorry but this is just factually wrong. Red flags on each line. Most of the "invasion" force was made up of the US ARMY's 82nd Airborne with the support of less than a couple thousand Marines PLUS forces from other Latin-American nations. Don't virtue signal yourself and generalize. The purpose of the intervention BY the OEA LEAD by the US was to prevent the war from ending and falling into a possible communist regime... where would democracy be then? The Dominican public was trapped in a power struggle between fascists and communists. NEVER did we have a libertarian government.

Calling BS 316 days ago

Joaquin Balaguer wasn't

Joaquin Balaguer wasn't "placed" into power by the United States. The citizens VOTED him in. That's a big difference, and your narrative is far from honest. The United States helped form a ceasefire between the two sides almost immediately after arriving, let an election happen, and then left a couple months later. And where are you getting this 42,000 troops number from?? It was only 1,700 marines. Besides, do you really think the D.R. would be better off today if it were like Cuba? Eso seria malisimo!

Daniel 321 days ago

The proof is in the pudding.

The proof is in the pudding. Despite my love for America, it continues making foreign policy disasters. Today is the anniversary of my uncle's death. Looking back you can only surmise that the actions of May 30, 1961, were a complete disaster!!! Revolution death of American Servicemen, Dominicans and so forth. It continues today just look at Iraq. Had May 30, 1961, not happen today The DR would be a much more advanced country with democracy, and would be an exemplary institution with health and educational benefits for its citizens. Trujillo would have died and democracy would have been its replacement. No revolution, no destruction, no deaths. I really do not know if America will ever learn.

Dany Lynen Trujillo 330 days ago

when i see people crying over

when i see people crying over things like 9/11 i wonder if they know how many thousands of innocent people the american military have killed over the years. When it happens to them they cry but when they do it to others they dont give a fuck.

p.s- usaf left my 2 year old mom a nice bomb in the backyard as a present. Thank god what ever redneck made it was dumb enough to fuck it up

no name more than 1 year ago

I have been to the DR six

I have been to the DR six times and have asked several people about what they thought about the relationship between the US and the DR. Everyone I talked to loved the United States. No one and I mean no one I talked to even knew that the United States ever invaded the DR. The Dominicans especially in Santo Domingo are trying to imitate the US as much as possible. The Agora and Blue malls, Burger King ,McDonalds and Poyo Tropical resturants are all evidence of that. Let's not forget the major Boulevard in Santo Domingo are named after George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F Kennedy. Maybe the author of this article should go to Santo Domingo and talk to avarage people and not listen to liberals in the US if she wants to know the truth.

Paul Eppler more than 1 year ago

I agree with you completely

I agree with you completely
Being born there i can say for sure the dominicans try very hard to imitate the US
But you yourself hinted at a grave problem.
You claimed no one knew about the invasion which i wouldn't doubt, i myself found out recently.
But that in itself is a problem, why haven't they been taught this? Its like a child who loves his parents very much and as the years past. That love grew strong but little did he know that those are his kidnappers. Get what I'm saying?

Javier more than 1 year ago

Totally agree with you that

Totally agree with you that Dominican Republic copy the USA behavior. But I do believe that everybody knows that USA invaded DR in 1965. If they did not know, you spoke to ignorant people. Now, DR is in a different stage. I am 57 years old and I have memories of the revolution. There was a time that Americans were not welcome. Currently DR is a very stable and it has a democracy.

Yvette Cruz 274 days ago

We don't blame an entire

We don't blame an entire nation for the actions of one of your ex-presidents.

JKER 127 days ago

Also the correct troop

Also the correct troop strength of the US invasion in 1965 was give or take 24000 not 42000.

Paul Eppler more than 1 year ago

"The United States has been

"The United States has been interfering in the affairs of my homeland since the turn of the century." So I think I'll move to this "oppressive" country...Nice!

Kim more than 1 year ago

That makes more sense than it

That makes more sense than it would appear. Would you like to live in Iraq? I won't say life under Hussein was idealic, but it wasn't like life under the USA.

Jeff more than 1 year ago

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